Global advertising campaign

In April 2014, Veolia adopted a new tagline, Resourcing the World, to express in words the renewed focus of the Group. Veolia’s focus is now structured around three pillars that illustrate our businesses: develop access to resources, preserve resources and replenish resources.

In January 2015, the “Resourcing the world” global campaign was launched 

Veolia launched a global advertising campaign in January 2015 to illustrate this brand tagline. This was the Group’s first campaign in five years.

The advertising campaign provides a series of urban illustrations which will appear in print and online in Ireland and internationally.

The campaign is based on five drawings in a very urban style by British artistic duo Rude® each of which tells a story that is emblematic of the new Veolia in the areas of water, waste and energy, worldwide. These illustrations show a playful city where the nature happily cohabites with human activity and industry.

These drawings make it easier to understand what Veolia does, often out of the general public’s sight, to address the issue of resources and to activate the levers of a new model.

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In November 2015 Veolia updated the campaign to coincide with COP 21

Using a direct, optimistic and cheerful approach, the new multi-media campaign (posters, press and TV) is once again illustrated by the British artist duo Rude and features five iconic solutions reflecting Veolia's ability to offer low carbon solutions and position itself as a circular economy pioneer.

The campaign included a series of print adverts that highlight how Veolia helps our customers to effectively managed their resources.

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