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Powering a major expansion efficiently

In 2005, AIB implemented a project that doubled their facility from 450,000 to 900,000 sq ft., with a new energy centre to provide power, heat, cooling and power back up. Furthermore, they wanted to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions.

About Allied Irish Banks

Allied Irish Banks is one of the largest banks in Ireland. Their corporate head office, Bankcentre, is located in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. 

Tri-generation unit provides 50% of power demand

Reduction of 52% of CO2 emissions

Gas costs reduced by 10%


Powering a major expansion efficiently

As part of a major expansion to their head office complex, AIB wanted to modernise their energy infrastructure while reducing their energy costs and emissions. To achieve this they turned to Veolia* and signed a 15 year agreement guaranteeing energy performance and availability.
Veolia supplied and installed a tri-generation unit composed of a 1MW gas fired Combined Heat & Power (CHP) unit with a 730KW absorption chiller.
Veolia was responsible for all aspect of the project including design, build, finance, operations and maintenance of the energy infrastructure. Key elements of the service provided by Veolia include:

  • fixed costs on operation and maintenance
  • finance of the assets over 15 years
  • sale of power, heat and cooling
  • replacement guarantee service
  • integration of the CHP into the power back up strategy
  • gas procurement for the entire site

AIB absorption chiller

Significant improvements in energy efficiency

The Veolia tri-generation unit now provides 50% of power demand, 37% of cooling demand and 62% of heat demand for AIBs head office. Veolia's expertise has delivered:

  • a reduction of 52% of CO2 emissions
  • gas costs reduced by 10%

* On July 25th 2014 Dalkia, Veolia's energy activity, adopted the Veolia group name