Data centres and critical environments

The main challenge when operating a data centre or other critical environment is reliability - uninterrupted, always-on access to the data. Such reliability can only be achieved through guaranteed provision of power to the IT floors. This includes both power to the servers themselves and power to the cooling systems to maintain the perfect operating environment.

Energy consumption in data centres, and its subsequent cost, is continually on the rise with the growing need for processing power and storage capacity. There is growing pressure on data centre operators to reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact while continuously improving their reliability to five-digit rates.

A reliable, secure energy supply

As an acknowledged expert in energy services, Veolia will provide you with the guarantee of permanent high-quality energy delivery from the production and admission of energy on the site, to the delivery of power and cooling to the IT floors. Our technical experts will ensure that all equipment is maintained to the highest standards which delivers operational reliability while optimising operating costs.

Improved energy performance

Our expertise in energy management will help you reduce energy consumption and improve power usage effectiveness resulting in improved efficiency. We can even propose alternative energy solutions, reducing the environmental impact of your data centre by changing the energy mix or using the waste heat from the servers to heat other areas of the building via a district heating network.

It is this innovative high-reliability low-energy commitment and  that has ultimately convinced major data centres operators around the world to entrust us with the technical management of their facilities. 


Resource recovery from waste

Our integrated waste management services gives you the guarantee that all waste, especially sensitive waste, is collected and treated correctly with full traceability and the maximum possible resource recovery.