Veolia can supply all type of biomass fuel

Fuel supply

We work with our customers locally and globally to deliver a reliable, secure source of high quality fuel as this is essential for all biomass operations.

Here are some examples of how Veolia's biomass experts have delivered real benefits
To deliver the required supply of heat and/or power it is important to have the right fuel type to meet the design needs of your biomass plant.  Veolia processes our own fuel to guarantee quality. This allows us to provide security of supply to our customers. We also provide a number of different fuel types providing you with a sustanaible fuel to meet your future needs.

Wood recycling

The wood from you is taken to one of our specialist processing centres for conversion into a range of products:

  • Animal bedding products
  • Equestrian and playground surfaces
  • Chipboard and particle board
  • Carbon neutral Biomass fuel pellets
  • Compost

We can also use the lower grades of wood as fuel to generate green electricity and low cost heat for communities – our own plants transform and deliver this renewable energy.

Through our careful segregation, decontamination and processing operations we ensure the new life for your wood meets the legislative requirements and makes effective use of this resource. Our processing centres are fully equipped with weighbridge, unloading, sorting, chipping, decontamination and production facilities that are managed to ISO9001 quality standards and ISO14001 environmental standards.

Guaranteed supply of superior quality recovered wood products is an important consideration in using recycled wood in your business.

Fuel types

Virgin Wood Chip

A mechanically produced piece (chip) of wood, typically 5 – 50mm, used primarily as fuel and as raw material for pulp, paper, mulch or in construction boards.

Recycled Wood Fibre

Wood fragments produced by shredding or pulverising post-consumer timber.

Arboricultutal Arisings

All the materials produced during tree surgery operations, mainly wood chips with some stem sections and branches.


Lengths of cut trees having a round cross section, such as logs, fence bars, and chipboard raw material.


Waste Wood to Energy

Biomass is an important source of renewable energy. We help our customers to reduce their costs and their CO2 emissions by supplying biomass fuel that is carefully graded to meet the specifications of our customers.

Through this process we also help to reduce waste sent to landfill by turning discarded wood into biomass fuel.

Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF)

Black bag waste can be processed to produce bales of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) for use as fuel for power stations and Combined Heat & Power (CHP) plants. Through the production of RDF we help our customers, especially local authorities, to divert waste from landfill. This reduces costs to the local authority and helps meet environmental targets by providing a sustainable fuel source.


Using our specialist mills we sort and convert waste wood in pellets of various grades. Rigorous grading and testing ensures the quality and consistency of the Grade A pellets suitable for most biomass plants which are providing clean, green fuel for use in biomass district heating schemes and other facilities.