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Hale Village

Hale village is a modern housing and community development providing 2,220 eco-friendly homes, commercial and retail floorspace, a primary school and crèche, a health centre and a hotel beside the river Lea in Tottenham, London.

The development includes 542 new affordable homes, social family rent and below market rate rent for Key Workers, 530 private homes and 1,200 student homes. It is situated on a former industrial site with a vibrant waterfront area and provides new high quality and affordable housing and jobs for local people.

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Carbon neutral heating and hot water for all buildings in scheme

Lower cost than comparable fossil fuel use

New homes to out-perform energy standards

With a dedication to building green homes with reduced carbon emissions, Hale Village Properties wanted ensure that each new home achieved a “Code Level 4” Sustainable Homes standard i.e. more energy efficient than homes built to the 2006 Building Regulations Standards. To achieve this standard the developers sought a centralised district heating system solution using renewable technologies to supply heat and hot water and provide carbon reductions and additional environmental benefits.

A biomass fuelled, carbon neutral solution

To meet Hale Village Properties targets Veolia* designed a biomass district heating scheme that would use processed life expired wood pellets as carbon neutral fuel to meet all the hot water and heating needs of the homes attached to the scheme. The heating and hot water is provided from a central energy centre that utilises biomass boilers and is distributed to the buildings via an underground distribution network.

Veolia designed and built the new energy centre and will operate and maintain it to ensure all residents of the development are supplied with renewable heating and hot water supplies. Veolia’s service includes 24/7 operation which is supported by site based staff backed by mobile technicians and the remote monitoring centre which can mobilise additional resources when required.

To ensure continuity of fuel supply and control fuel price fluctuations Veolia supply fuel from dedicated wood processing mills which ensures that the biomass energy centre will meet its supply obligations now and into the future. The energy centre is fuelled using Grade A wood pellets, manufactured from UK sourced life expired wood, which reduces the landfill burden and recycles wood which has no further use. Using UK sourced life expired wood also means that no additional trees are felled and no wood imported for this renewable energy scheme.

The scheme ensures the provision of carbon neutral heating and hot water that meets the Code for Sustainable Homes and London Climate Change zone requirements. As a result CO2 emissions are negated compared with fossil fuel energy provision.

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The results

  • Carbon neutral heating and hot water for all buildings in scheme
  • Guaranteed biomass fuel supply from Veolia
  • 24/7 operation and maintenance
  • Compliance with Code for Sustainable Homes
  • Recycles life expired wood and reduces landfill burden
  • Risk transfer
  • Guaranteed service delivery
  • Reduction in emissions
  • Lower cost than comparable fossil fuel use

* On July 25th 2014 Dalkia, Veolia's energy activity, adopted the Veolia group name