The medical professionals, patients and visitor in hospitals, clinics, retirement homes and other healthcare facilities need to have the best possible environment in order for the best possible care to be delivered. At the same time, tight control over expenditure is a must.

Guaranteed energy supply

A secure supply of energy is vital to every healthcare facility. The medical professionals need to have a guaranteed energy supply in order to deliver high quality patient care. At the same time facilities managers in the healthcare sector need to consider patient comfort, energy consumption and compliance with increasingly strict environmental regulations.

A secure, guaranteed supply of energy to meet the many and varied demands of a healthcare facility requires significant expertise in energy management. Through a complete review of existing energy infrastructure Veolia can put in place a specific plan to manage, maintain and upgrade energy systems. Combined with constant monitoring either on-site or through our energy monitoring centres we keep energy equipment operating at peak efficiency and deliver the secure energy supply required.

Energy consumption management and optimisation

As a result of a detailed energy audit conducted with our customers Veolia draws up an improvement plan to reduce energy consumption. This includes upgrades to energy facilities and planned maintenance to deliver the best possible energy consumption.

Veolia’s experts can also provide regular reports to energy users highlighting opportunities to save energy and reduce energy costs.

Best Energy Service Project in the Public Sector

Stewarts European award

Veolia's energy activity and Stewarts selected as the winner of the "Best Energy Service Project in the Public Sector" by the EESI.

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Purified water

A guaranteed, dependable supply of pure water solutions and services is essential for patient safety and the day-to-day operation of healthcare facilities. This impacts on areas such as renal dialysis, decontamination, pathology and central services.

Veolia’s services range from consultancy, to plant design, installation, validation, testing and maintenance to ensure ongoing compliance in an ever increasing regulatory environment.

Compliant treatment of clinical waste

Safe and effective clinical waste management reduces the risk to staff, patients and visitors. Veolia provides a reliable, efficient range of recovery, treatment and disposal services for clinical wastes which minimises risk, complies with health, safety and environmental regulations and meets increasingly complex legislative requirements.

The highest possible standards

We train all our teams to help prevent health risks, such as hospital-acquired infections, and to treat safety as a number one priority.

In addition, our commitment to standards such as ISO 50001 makes our customers compliance with regulations from HIQA and other bodies significantly easier.