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Infant formula manufacturer

This facility is the largest infant milk power production plant within our client's international portfolio. Infant nutrition products are produced here for worldwide export.

Production increase demands plant upgrade

An increase in production resulting in a load increase to the wastewater treatment plant demanded that the client upgrade its facilities in order to comply with stringent discharge regulations regarding phosphorous in the final effluent.

99.9% phosphorous removal

100% reuse of water and steam from manufacturing process

20% reduction in energy consumption 

Plant upgrade without any disruption

In order to minimise the amount of phosphorous entering the local river, a specific sustainability requirement was to design the wastewater plant with the capability of maintaining an outflow with a final Ortho Phosphate concentration of 0.03mg/l, as well as a very arduous consent standard for BOD, COD, TSS and Nitrogen on a 95 percentile basis at peak production. The plant upgrade had to be executed without any disruption to the production facility or any emission exceedance.


  • Veolia employed as much of the existing infrastructure as possible to minimise costs.
  • The process incorporated Veolia’s patented Amonit ™ aeration control system to deliver high quality effluent whilst reducing energy consumption by 20%
  • A new secondary clarifier was installed followed by an enhanced tertiary treatment for phosphorous removal in the form of the ACTIDisc® process

Customer benefits

  • A final effluent delivered with an average Ortho Phosphate concentration of circa 0.01mg/l and consistently deliver effluent at ≤0.03mg/l.
  • The chemical precipitation system is fully automated to ensure compliance as well as optimise chemical dosing
  • The project was completed on time and within budget in 2011 and has exceeded design expectations in daily operation during first six months