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Irish Distillers minimize their overall carbon and water impact with Veolia

Irish distillers was formed in 1966 following the merger of three major Irish whiskey distilleries, namely John Jameson & Sons, Powers & Sons and the Cork Distillery. The distillery is based on a 128 acre site in Midleton, Co. Cork producing two main types of Irish Whiskey; Pot Still Whiskey and Grain Whiskey

A solution to meet the demands of expansion

Irish Distillers began one of the largest state of the art expansions to the existing distillery and the construction of a new satellite maturation facility on a nearby site. Upgrade of the water and effluent treatment were vital elements of the expansion and Veolia was a key partner in their design and construction.

Veolia was asked to develop a solution to meet the water demands of the planned expansion while complying with the client’s objectives of minimising overall carbon and water impact. Water supplied to the production facility was to be of drinking water standard and wastewater needed to attain excellent quality to comply with stringent EPA discharge licence regulations and plant had to be designed within a top tier Seveso site.

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30% reduction in water consumption

Client expectations exceeded in terms of cost per m3

A solution for the complete water cycle

The Water Impact Index was one of the tools used to optimise the Water and Carbon Footprint of the new treatment facility.

Water treatment

A new borehole extraction system was developed to complement existing surface water extraction. The new plant also integrated the latest developments in technology in the form of the Actiflo® process as well as an automatic coagulant control systems coupled with conventional robust designs and advanced automation control systems.

Wastewater treatment

Based on the success of the existing BioSEP MBR wastewater treatment plant , installed by Veolia in 2007, the wastewater treatment plant was expanded using the same process. 

Customer benefits

  • The water plant has exceeded clients’ expectations in terms of quality and cost per m³

  • The wastewater project was completed in 2014 again on time and within budget

  • Both plants were designed to allow for future expansion while envisaging the long term production at the facility