Operations and maintenance of biomass plants

Operations and maintenance

Key to a successful power plant is efficient operation and maintenance of the plant. This helps project owners to maximise generation and availability to protect revenues while keeping costs to a minimum, meeting environmental requirements and minimising Health & Safety risks.

Here are some examples of how Veolia's biomass experts have delivered real benefits
Veolia’s operations team provides a service that delivers the required plant performance combined with continuous improvement. We focus on:
  • Reliability of plant and equipment to ensure operating continuity through implementation of best maintenance practices such as Reliability Centered Maintenance and Condition Based Monitoring.
  • ​Monitoring and analysis of fuel and combustion, boiler heat transfer, water and chemical usage and turbine-generator performance to ensure optimal plant efficiency.
  • Minimisation of OPEX though shutdown planning to minimise downtime and efficient reagent usage while also ensuring adequate spare parts inventory is available.
  • Optimal environmental performance by continuously monitoring, inspecting and reporting. This will help meet all environmental standards including the Renewable Obligation.
  • Fuel acceptance testing and quality assurance procedures compliant with European and ISO testing standards.
  • Access to Veolia's international technical knowlege platform which shares best practice in biomass powerplant operation.

For new build projects, Veolia will mobilise a team to support plant design review, operate the plant under commissioning direction and accept handover of the plant on behalf of the plant owners.


Our service maintains strict compliance with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency for emissions to Air and Water, Noise and fugitive emissions of dust. All waste generated is disposed in compliance with relevant legislation ensuring that you have auditable traceability for each stream. The documentation for each contract covers:

  • Continuous Environmental Monitoring
  • Extractive Emissions Testing
  • Laboratory Fuel Analysis
  • Calibrations
  • Statutory Testing Regime
  • The Holder of the Waste
  • Producer of the Waste
  • Site or Place of Transfer
  • The European Waste Codes
  • Method of Containment
  • The Waste Carrier
  • Dates of Removal