Other sectors

Delivering operational efficiency and increased focus on environmental issues are increasingly important for manufacturing industry. Managing utilities such as water or steam while reducing carbon emissions and carefully treating waste are key aspects of this.

As an environmental specialist, Veolia works with industrial companies to deliver environmental solutions which help manufacturers to meet the challenges faced.

Designing, building and operating energy facilities

Having the energy facilities that are most appropriate to on-site activity is a key aspect of effective energy management in manufacturing. Veolia’s energy experts use their experience of working with a wide variety of manufacturing companies to accurately assess energy needs and prepare the best possible plan.
Veolia has the experience to manage all aspects of designing, building, operating and maintaining energy facilities with a focus on delivering the energy our customers require while reducing consumption and costs.

Managing complex waste streams

All waste prodouced by manufacturing indistry must be treated correctly to both comply with waste management regulations and to meet environmental standards. Veolia's waste and recovery experts set up and operate integrated waste management systems that ensure that all waste is either recovered to provide a new resource or disposed of safely and efficiently.

Water infrastructure that meets your needs

The Veolia water team has access to water technology systems developed globally that are proven to deliver process water to the highest specification and manage any wastewater ocurring.

Local expertise

Our on-site teams, backed up by our technical experts, provide our customers with ready access to the environmental expertise required to manage any issues that may arise and to react quickly to changes in activity or market conditions.