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Srowland Water Treatment Plant

Officially opened in October 2013, the Srowland Water Treatment plant in Athy, Co. Kildare is operated by Veolia under a 20 year DBO (design, build and operate) contract. The plant is capable of delivering 38.4 Ml/d of treated water within a 20-hour per day operating period putting the client well on target to meet its water demands up to 2020.

A new supply source

This contract is delivering a major new water supply source and treatment plant for County Kildare which has previously relied on adjoining Local Authority areas for 88% of its water supply needs. The new plant will allow Kildare County Council to potentially produce an additional 38% of its current water supply needs, reduce its dependence on adjoining Water Authorities and improve its security of supply.

The scope of the project includes raw water abstraction from the river Barrow, bank side storage, coagulation/flocculation/clarification, dual media filtration, ultra-violet deactivation, fluoridation and chlorination.  The plant will be fully automated while the core technology used will be the Actifloc® system, an innovative high-speed clarification process developed by Veolia Water. The Actiflo® system provides extremely fast reaction to large changes in raw water quality combined with an industry-leading small footprint


A Flagship site for patented technology

The Athy plant has been designated a key reference site for Veolia’s patented technology within the plant, the Actiflo® Softening process. Known as Actisoft™, the Athy plant boasts the largest installation of its kind within Veolia’s worldwide operations to date.  This patented Veolia technology solves a common problem experienced by domestic and industrial water users – water hardness. Hardness in water causes long term scaling in boilers, pipes and hot water circuits, long term scaling in drinking water pipes and excess consumption of soaps and washing preparations. The hardness is removed with a hydrated lime milk, with all lime sludge produced dried on-site to allow for re-use in agricultural and industrial applications.


Innovative use of Veolia’s ACTISOFT patented technology

Alleviating pressure on water source

Shortlisted for Engineering Project of the Year