Pharmaceutical and Chemical

The pharmaceutical industry in Ireland comprises a mix of international and indigenous companies from manufacturers of active ingredients to finished pharmaceuticals, chemicals, biosciences and medical services companies. 9 of the 10 largest pharmaceutical companies manufacture here, making Ireland the largest net exporter of pharmaceuticals globally.

With research and innovation as the main growth driver for this sector, clients can benefit from entrusting management of key utilities to environmental experts so they can focus on bringing new product to market. The nature of the industry demands the highest possible product quality and compliancy levels.

Veolia understands that in today’s competitive markets, a client’s brand reputation hinges on the reliability and sustainability of its manufacturing environment and key processes.  We know that our clients needs vary greatly and we work with our clients to co-design solutions that meet their energy, water and waste needs. 

We work with our clients to:

CLP Regulation

CLP Regulation

The Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) Regulation has changed. Does this impact on your business?

CLP Regulation
  • optimise production plant utilities to guarantee performance and compliance with manufacturing specifications while managing the client's environmental performance
  • reduce the carbon and water footprints of large facilities
  • transform hazardous waste streams, once destined for incineration, into alternative fuel supplies, feeding back into the circular economy and enabling clients to maintain a more sustainable production process
  • manage the full water cycle from laboratory water supply to discharging to environment
  • ​offer total waste management solutions tailored to the manufacturing environment and clients’ sustainability targets.