Working with project owners to develop biomass solutions

Project Development

Investing in your own biomass plant needs long term vision and the right expertise.

Here are some examples of how Veolia's biomass experts have delivered real benefits
Veolia has many years experience in the field of energy plant development, operation and management so we can design your scheme, project manage the build, then operate and maintain it – including managing the fuel supply. 

The development will be tailored for your needs in terms of heat load, electricity requirement, project costs, investment and energy efficiency.

Where necessary we can also meter usage and bill customers accordingly, help to finance the scheme and access grants on your behalf, where applicable.

Energy markets expertise

Where incentive schemes are available the Veolia Energy Markets Team works with clients to achieve the right accreditation for projects to maximise the benefit of these schemes thereby boosting return on investment.

The team is also very experienced in negotiating with the major utilities to achieve the best possible price for energy.