Sustainable management of public assets

Veolia is here to help local authorities prepare for the future now. Our experts are already working on creative solutions to make tomorrow's cities and towns smarter and more sustainable in keeping with the circular economy.

Building and operating municipal water and wastewater facilities

The task of a water service is to transform water taken from its natural environment into a product suitable to supply to the public and business, provide an efficient, flexible supply mechanism and finally treat it before releasing it back into the natural environment. The water that is provided by this service is a vital resource for private individuals, companies and public authorities.

Modernisation and maintenance of the entire water infrastructure is a key challenge facing Irish communities today. Veolia, through our experience in the design, build, operation and maintenance of water treatment facilities, has a key role to play in helping communities develop a sustainable, affordable water infrastructure that meets the highest environmental standards.


Optimisation of resources use by public buildings

Offices, leisure centres and other public buildings which have large numbers of people using them are all becoming more complex and now require the expertise of an energy professional to optimise operation and control energy consumption levels.

Those in charge of managing public buildings are faced with rising energy prices and increasingly stringent environmental regulations. They also have to ensure that buildings provide a comfortable environment for employees and visiting members of the public.

Veolia carries out an energy audit with our customers and then draws up and implements an improvement plan. This includes factors such as work on buildings, upgrades for energy facilities, monitoring tools and systems to encourage occupants to save energy.

Veolia technicians regulate, run and maintain the facilities to attain optimal energy performance. They are backed by the expertise of energy specialists, channeled through the energy performance control centres.