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Tipperary Co-op reduce their energy and water consumption

Founded in 1908, Tipperary Co-operative produces cheese, milk powders and butter for export and the home market in its modern manufacturing plant in Tipperary town. It also has a retailing divison as well as a cheese packing/distribution subsidiary in France.

Environmental performance and cost control 

Tippereary Co-op's top priority was to achieve environmental compliance through a reduced carbon footprint while gaining control of its operating costs. The boiler house had three large steam boilers fuelled by Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO). The project included converting the boilers to natural gas and installing a new 16 tonne per hour steam boiler.


Cut carbon emissions by over 8,200 tonnes per year

Equvalent of taking 3,000 cars off the road 

30% reduction in water consumption

Efficient operation and monitoring of all utilities

Veolia* oversaw the installation of a new 16 tonne dual fuel fired steam boiler with integrated economiser. A master SCADA control system was set up to operate and monitor all utilities including steam, refrigeration and compressed air. Dual fuel  burner upgrades were carried out on one existing boiler and a burner management system upgrade on the other. An electrical systems upgrade was delivered on all 3 existing boilers.

Other services provided include:

  • new feed water system including deaerator
  • new flue and stack systems for 2 boilers
  • aesthetic upgrades to boiler house, refrigeration and compressed air plant rooms
  • refrigeration control system and instrumentation upgrade
  • installation of an Energy Performance Monitoring and Metering System


Customer benefits

  • reduced carbon footprint by cutting carbon emissions
  • better energy performance
  • significantly reduced energy bill

* On July 25th 2014 Dalkia, Veolia's energy activity, adopted the Veolia group name