Gender Pay Gap Report

Two female engineers at work

An inclusive company

At Veolia we’re committed to inclusion each and every day. In 2021 we launched an ambitious Inclusion Strategy focusing on 5 key areas:

  • Attraction and Selection
  • Awareness and Upskilling
  • Communications
  • Customers
  • Development 

Specific actions in Ireland include signing, having helped to create, Elevate: the Inclusive Employer Pledge and Inclusive Employer Blueprint as well taking part in a number of Business in the Community’s school programmes.


Committed to increasing diversity and inclusion

The gender pay gap is a measure of the overall average pay based on gender regardless of job role, grade, market forces or any other influences on pay.

Because of this, having a gender pay gap, does not mean that a company does not pay equal pay to men and women who do the same jobs or who carry out work of equal value.

We’re committed to developing, retaining and attracting more females into Veolia as part of our Inclusion strategy. 

With over 70% of our headcount being technical in nature - technicians, engineers or technical managers - these traditionally male roles contribute to our gender pay gap. An under representation of females in technical and engineering roles generally in society is part of the challenge.


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