Food and beverage

Ireland has earned an international reputation for producing natural and sustainable high quality food and products. With high growth levels comes the increased responsibility to safeguard this reputation by assiduously managing environmental impacts.

In 2012, Bord Bia, the state food agency, launched its sustainability programme called “Origin Green” to help companies develop clear targets in areas such as emissions, energy, waste, water and biodiversity.

Water is one of the first ingredients used when manufacturing food, as process water for beverages, ready meals or dairy products. It is also a processing aid used throughout the process (cleaning water, transport water), as well as an energy utility when used as steam or for refrigeration (boiler feed water, cooling water, ice for preservation).

We work with our clients to co-design solutions to measure and optimise water usage, treatment and reuse. We optimise and recover energy throughout the production process and within the complete facility. While managing effluent and discharge standards, material and organic waste can be recovered from the production process and converted into sustainable fuel supplies.

Adopting a holistic approach to environmental impacts unlocks savings which Irish food and beverage producers can invest to grow their core businesses while achieving consistent improvements in sustainability performance.

Veolia helps the food and beverage industry to reduce their environmental footprint and thus meet the new challenges and environmental issues.