Decarbonising Food and Beverage production

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Energy efficiency, reduction of fossil fuel usage, and improvement of waste recycling and reuse: solutions exist to transform your industry and achieve your net-zero objectives.

Veolia's experts combine Irish and global knowledge of the Food and Beverage industry and GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions reductions to assist you to decarbonise your business.

The urgency to act

In a context where the climate emergency is becoming increasingly pressing, we urgently need to take action to protect our system of food production and meet the needs of a growing population. 

Decarbonising your industry and value chain is not only a positive contribution to global challenges but also benefits you by reducing risk and aligning with your customers' environmental aspirations. 

With our decarbonisation solutions, you will ensure compliance with evolving regulations, meet your commitments by developing and delivering a bespoke roadmap, and offer more sustainable products that meet today's consumer expectations, all without compromising your performance.

Connect with a network of experts

Receive comprehensive support in your decarbonisation journey from Ireland's leading player in energy management. Benefit from the technical knowledge of our experts who have a deep understanding of local challenges and access to global solutions. 

With their help, you can audit your facilities, collaborate to co-develop a decarbonisation strategy for the short or long term, and implement tailored solutions.

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Create your Net Zero roadmap

Creating a comprehensive plan that outlines the steps required to reduce your carbon emissions and meet your environmental targets is an essential part of the journey to decarbonisation. This plan, or roadmap, includes the specific actions and projects that need to be implemented, and when they need to be done, to achieve Net Zero.

A carbon reduction roadmap serves as a guide to help all of your teams to align their efforts to Net Zero.



Co-developing a decarbonisation roadmap to help meet corporate targets.

Working with a major global beverage producer, Veolia’s on-site utilities management team and Energy Engineering team worked with the customer to co-develop a detailed roadmap to decarbonise this large canning and bottling facility. The plan gives a step-by-step plan to guide the site management on their journey to net zero.

Improve the energy efficiency of your assets

Your industrial installations consume a significant amount of energy in the form of heat, cold and compressed air. Energy efficiency is a key aspect of decarbonisation. By entrusting us with the management of your industrial utilities, you can ensure the harmonisation of your operational and environmental performance.



Efficient management of industrial utilities delivers reliability and carbon savings.

A major food ingredients producer works with Veolia to maximise the reliability of their industrial utilities, reduce costs and lower carbon emissions while growing production. With a focus on continuous improvement, Veolia has successfully helped the site to transition to lower carbon fuels, reduce energy consumption and improve recycling.

Produce energy on-site

Reducing your reliance on fossil fuels and shielding yourself from the fluctuations of energy prices is possible through on-site energy production (with locally sourced low-carbon fuels). 

With Veolia's expertise and innovation capabilities, customised solutions can be developed to transform your outgoing flows (organic waste, wastewater, etc.) into resources for electricity or heat production.



Powering a site with biogas created through Anaerobic Digestion.

A large distillery has set a target of becoming carbon neutral by 2026. Veolia is contributing to this objective by exploring the potential to use Anaerobic Digestion to create biogas. This will eliminate the use of natural gas, a fossil fuel, by the site. A Veolia pilot plant has been installed to provide insight into the best long-term solution.

Optimise your waste management

Improve recycling and reuse

Looking at all aspects of your waste management can improve your recycling and reuse rates. Our waste management experts can help find the most sustainable solutions for every waste stream you have, even the most complex ones. Our on-site teams work with your teams to effectively segregate waste and our customer support team provides all the information you need to meet your reporting requirements. 



Improving recycling and reuse rates for general and hazardous waste

Veolia in Ireland works with a global soft drinks manufacturer to effectively manage their waste. Veolia’s Total Waste Management team works on site to carefully segregate waste to improve recycling and reuse. Veolia’s Technical team finds the most sustainable solution for each waste stream to help the customer to meet their targets.


They are already decarbonising their Food and Beverage value-chain


United Kingdom

Significant steam production while reducing energy consumption.

On the site of The Kraft Heinz Company in Kitt Green, the largest food-canning plant in Europe, Veolia has deployed a facility capable of generating up to 140 tonnes of steam per hour. This installation reduces CO2 emissions by 8% and lowers the annual energy bill by £500,000.



Guaranteed energy performance along with energy security.

A major brewery commissioned Veolia to design, build, operate and maintain a bespoke Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant. Veolia’s CHP has provided 100% of the brewery’s electricity and steam demands, exports electricity to the national grid and reduces the carbon footprint of the brewery.



Transforming used bottles into new water bottles

In partnership with Sources ALMA, a major European producer of mineral water, Veolia has established the FILAO recycling plant, where 40,000 tons of used bottles are annually transformed into high-quality plastic granules before being used to produce new water bottles.



Improving cost, operations and environment performance as well as positioning in the community.

A regional co-op has been working with Veolia for almost 15 years. Over this time Veolia has helped reduce high fossil fuel energy consumption and improve operational reliability. Environmental compliance has been maintained and carbon emissions reduced. 


United Kingdom

Contribute to the carbon neutrality of the production process, thanks to biogas produced from wastewater

Within the Arla Foods fresh milk processing plant in Aylesbury, Veolia has implemented its Memthane® solution, capable of treating 800m3 of wastewater per day to generate biogas, contributing to make the plant carbon-neutral.



Sustainable increase in production by reducing energy costs and emissions.

A global leader in the food ingredients and dairy sectors was looking to manage the increase in site energy consumption as production volumes grew while reducing the overall energy bill and site emissions. Veolia’s a bespoke Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant is helping them to achieve these aims


United Kingdom

Reducing the Carbon Footprint of a Meat Substitute Factory

Within a Quorn meat substitute production facility, Veolia has implemented a cogeneration plant, enabling on-site production of electricity and heat, thereby reducing the energy consumption and carbon emissions of the site.



Recycling the biogas produced from organic waste to generate heat

To produce industrial steam at a lower cost in the Bonduelle canned vegetable factory in Nagykőrös, Veolia has implemented a solution capable of generating 350,000 m3 of biogas annually from the organic matter present in the factory's wastewater.


United Kingdom

Management and monitoring of utilities for a large packaging site

Veolia oversees the management and maintenance of the supply of steam, compressed air, refrigeration, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and filtered process water for Diageo's beverage packaging site all while ensuring a reduction in the site's energy bill and environmental footprint.


United States

Treating wastewater efficiently and producing green energy

Veolia partnered with Hershey to develop an advanced and highly effective wastewater treatment process to meet the current and future needs of the manufacturer. This facility also enables the production of 6.5 GWh of biogas per year.

The ecological transformation is within reach, don't wait any longer!

No matter your position in the "farm-to-fork" value chain, Veolia's solutions can be deployed to help you reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. Feel free to contact our experts to conduct an audit of your facilities and your inputs and to establish your own bespoke decarbonisation roadmap.