Ireland Sustainability Report 2017

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This Sustainability Report shows our commitment to resourcing the world, supporting the people we employ and playing an active role in the community. 

It also features many examples of how we work in collaboration with our partners and customers in Ireland to create innovative solutions, services and economic models that continue to deliver benefits straight to the bottom line. Not only is it good for business, but it is also good for the economy, local communities and the planet, as we drive innovation, create new skills and jobs and create social impact for all.


Responsible business is good business

Over the course of 2017, we continued to work in partnership with our customers to meet their business and sustainability targets. We have helped customers in the Food & Beverage sector to expand their water treatment capacity and generate on-site electricity using combined heat and power. We have delivered verified energy and CO2 savings to the Healthcare sector which in turn delivers a better patient experience. And, we are applying best-in-class technology solutions to help upgrade Ireland’s water infrastructure which will deliver a more sustainable future for all of us. It makes good business sense. By finding clever resource solutions, Veolia helps its customers become more efficient, improve sustainability and save time and money
John Abraham
Country Director - Ireland

Over 2 million people benefit from our drinking water, wastewater installations and sludge management

Saved 30,689 tonnes in CO2 emissions for our customers through implementing energy efficiency projects

Provided 536MW of heating to local businesses and people, enough to power 80,000 homes

We are a leading resource management provider, with a comprehensive range of energy, water and waste services that are designed to help our customers, build the circular economy and preserve natural materials. This is something we like to call resourcing the world.

We work in collaboration with our customers to develop innovative solutions that increase efficiencies and save on costs. They also reduce carbon impact by preventing pollution, preserving scarce resources and raising environmental standards. As we continue to prove in Ireland and elsewhere, doing the right thing by people and the planet comes with big economic benefits. By 2020, we aim to reduce our global CO₂ footprint by 100 million tonnes in our own facilities and for our customers we aim to save 50 million tonnes of carbon. Right now in Ireland, we are contributing to these Group objectives. So let’s join forces and make the change to benefit the world, the people we employ and our communities.