Demystifying the Circular Economy

The  circular economy is often described as a new industrial revolution where we move away from a linear "take-make-waste" approach to production. Within a circular system, products are designed to be re-manufactured for new uses or the materials recovered and made into new products.

This idea may seem like a simple one but transitioning to a more circular economy isn’t easy. It requires significant change in product design, business models and consumer attitudes.

Business in the Community Ireland organised a webinar which gave attendees an opportunity to hear from members who have already adopted circularity within their business models. The expert panel of speakers included:

  • John Curran, Head of Sustainability, Musgrave Group
  • Brian Gilmore, Communications Manager, Irish Cement
  • Janet Lynch, Circular Economy Consultant, Arup
  • Declan White, Regional Director (South), Veolia Ireland

Veolia was delighted to share our experiences of helping our customers to become more circular with the attendees.

Examples of circular thinking from Veolia

Creating a fuel from solvent waste

Distillation of solvent waste into chemicals for reuse

Recovering precious metals for reuse

Turning sludge into fertiliser

Watch a recording of the full webinar