Energy solutions to deliver a sustainable future

AEE Europe 2022 Energy Conference and Exhibition

The Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) held their Energy Conference & Expo in Dublin on 26-27 October and Veolia was there. 

AEE Europe 2022 was the inaugural European conference and exhibition for the Association of Energy Engineers. It was a great opportunity to meet and discuss the challenges and opportunities around energy efficiency with energy professionals from industrial, commercial and municipal organisations across Europe. 


Newest Technologies and Future Solutions 

Paul Moloney, Veolia’s VPP Contract Manager, took part in a panel discussion on Newest Technologies and Future Solutions. 

The integration of newest technologies and future solutions delivers the best results where the entire energy ecosystem of a facility, process or asset is appropriately considered, and diverse technologies are combined to leverage their individual strengths.

To highlight this, Paul presented the results achieved on three successful and innovative Veolia solutions has delivered on different sites:

Energy self sufficiency with biogas

Advanced Anaerobic Digestion and Thermal Hydrolysis combined to create an energy self sufficient Sludge Treatment Facility.

The considered use of innovative Veolia technologies to suit this particular site has resulted in award winning solution.

Solar power with battery storage

Solar PV and behind-the-meter battery storage combined with grid balancing services to create a viable solution for a pharmaceutical manufacturer.

A detailed pilot project design for behind-the-meter energy storage at an existing water treatment works that has a large scale solar PV plant has been carred out

Veolia has developed a solution that will provide security of supply for critical operations while enabling an increase in renewable energy in a grid-constrained area.


Utilising biogas to generate green hydrogen through steam reforming, which is then used to power site fleet vehicles.

An experimentation of green H2 production is progressing in southern France, in partnership with the municipality of Toulon. This is the first worldwide water treatment plant to produce H2 .

Veolia has developed a solution for recycling sewage sludge to turn this nuisance into a resource. Biogas comes from the anaerobic digestion of sludge from wastewater treatment plants and is transformed into green H2.