Veolia Receives Intel’s Preferred Quality Supplier Award

Veolia has been recognized as one of 26 companies receiving Intel Corporation’s Preferred Quality Supplier (PQS) award for their performance in 2015.
Veolia Receives Intel's PQS Award (136.83 KB)

Veolia has been recognized as one of 26 companies receiving Intel Corporation’s Preferred Quality Supplier (PQS) award for their performance in 2015. 

In presenting the award, Intel noted how Veolia has demonstrated industry-leading commitment across all critical focus areas on which the company is measured: quality, cost, availability, technology, customer service, labor and ethics systems, and environmental sustainability. In particular, Veolia is recognized for significant contributions in providing Intel with global management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

“Veolia continues to bring forward innovative ideas in the area of cost reduction and sustainability while role-modeling customer service and continued robust business continuity plans. We thank Veolia’s employees for many years of successful partnership and we look forward to even bigger achievements going forward,” said Todd Brady, director of global sustainability in the Technology and Manufacturing Group at Intel.

“Veolia has been supporting Intel’s environmental management program since 2000, leveraging our company’s global assets to develop next-generation solutions to recycle and reuse waste as a resource.  Our mission of Resourcing the World is built around the idea of developing, preserving and replenishing resources.  We take great pride in implementing innovative environmental solutions for Intel and look forward to further advancing those solutions to help Intel exceed their sustainability goals,” said Pat Gilroy, Country Director, Veolia Ireland.

The PQS award is part of Intel’s Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement (SCQI) program that encourages suppliers to strive for excellence and continuous improvement. To qualify for PQS status, suppliers must score 80 percent on a report card that assesses performance and ability to meet cost, quality, availability, technology, environmental, social and governance goals. Suppliers must also achieve 80 percent or greater on a challenging improvement plan and demonstrate solid quality and business systems. Additional information about the SCQI program is available at

A celebration to honor PQS award winners was held in Santa Clara, California themed “Delivering the Future Together”, which illustrates the contributions this supplier has made in 2015. In addition, there was an announcement on Intel’s website at


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