Our journey with the service sector

We continue to help our customers in the service sector better manage their resources, reduce their environmental impacts and make significant cost savings. Whether it’s avoiding landfill costs, developing water efficiency solutions or improving energy efficiency, our teams have the expertise to help businesses big and small exceed their environmental targets while continuously improving their bottom line.

Transforming campus life with long-term energy savings

We helped the Marino Institute of Education (MIE) form the Marino Better Energy Community and undertake a series of sustainable upgrades. The goal was to bring long-term energy savings on campus with controllable, efficient solutions. 

We replaced natural gas boilers with high-efficiency alternatives and solar panels for domestic hot water, reducing gas costs by 33%. A total of 966 light fixtures were upgraded to LEDs, unlocking significant energy savings. Site-wide, real-time energy monitoring and smart controls have eliminated wasted heat and light, reducing the site’s electricity costs by 24%. MIE has managed to reduce carbon emissions by 25% while optimising comfort for those on campus.


Together we achieved overall cost savings of 29%

Creating a low-carbon Dublin hub

eBay asked us to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs at its Atrium building in Dublin, from where it handles European customer service. A Hubgrade Energy Management System has been installed to measure, monitor and control the efficiency of buildings in real time.

By managing the mechanical and electrical plant on site, we reduced annual electricity use by 20%, gas consumption by 35% and water use by 10%. The site was the first eBay facility globally to be certified to the ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard.

Together we achieved annual savings of €61,500

Securing a reliable energy supply

Stewarts Care, a charitable foundation that cares for people with intellectual disabilities, faced unpredictable energy and maintenance costs due to operating across more than 30 sites. 

Our programme of energy upgrades at its main campus in Palmerstown, Dublin, included a 140kW Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit, high efficiency boilers, solar hot water systems, zonal heating systems, energy-efficient lighting and occupancy sensors and cavity wall and attic insulation.

Together we reduced on-site energy costs by37%, saving €1 million over five year.

Huge carbon savings thanks to CHP

Working in partnership with Whitfield Clinic since 2006, we have made significant reductions to carbon emissions by initially installing a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant. Then, by working together, we achieved certification to ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard in 2016. Whitfield Clinic is set to annually save a further 220 tonnes of CO2 by implementing energy upgrades completed as part of the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’s ‘Better Energy Communities’ project in 2016.

Together we save 220 tones of CO2 a year



Energy cost savings of up to 37%

Reduction in CO2 emmissions

ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard