Our sustainability journey with industrial customers

For the industrial sector, the challenge of ensuring a steady and reliable supply of energy, water and resources continues. Making resources go further, generating power on-site, reusing and recycling water and continuously improving efficiency are key to reducing risks and costs across Ireland’s industrial sector.

Our customers extract savings by reusing resources from complex waste streams. And by guaranteeing 100% traceability of by-products through safe treatment, recovery and recycling, there is a range of cost, supply and environmental benefits.


Maximising the value of complex waste streams

Hovione wanted to divert more waste from landfill to increase recycling, maximise local treatment and reduce waste disposal costs. The chemical company produces complex waste streams including bulk solvents and laboratory chemicals.

Veolia used separate solvent tanks to avoid cross-contamination, recovering the best value solvents for use in thinners or a Secondary Liquid Fuel. Analysing bulk tank waste on site means treatment, disposal or recovery can be planned to minimise waste costs. Contaminated metals are now processed and recovered locally, and non-hazardous waste like paper and plastic is sorted on site. 

Together we recovered or recycled 84% of hazardous waste and recovered 85% of non-hazradous solid waste

Environmental compliance and big savings for dairy

Tipperary Co-operative asked us to improve the energy performance at its dairy manufacturing plant to save energy, reduce operating costs, improve production and comply with environmental legislation.

The starting point for the Co-op was to install more efficient boilers and a control system to operate and monitor utilities, steam, refrigeration and compressed air. An Energy Performance Monitoring and Metering System continues to optimise performance to create significant energy savings. Not only did the Co-op achieve environmental compliance and reduce CO2 emissions, it was also able to reduce costs in what is a very competitive market.

Together we significanly lowered energy bills and reduced CO2 emissions by 8,200 tonnes a year


Recovered or recycled 84% of hazardous waste

Reduced CO2 emissions by 8,200 tonnes a year for a customer

Significantly lower energy bills