Asset Management

Improve your productivity through effective asset management
Energy, water and waste solutions for Ireland

Improved asset availability, increased productive uptime, reduced operational costs and significant reduction of energy consumption are some of the benefits our customers receive from using our Asset Management services

We have a centralised asset management system which allows for remote and on-site monitoring and maintenance scheduling. By combining this with the concept of Condition-Based Maintenance we can identify early signs of faults and plan maintenance accordingly.

We can optimise your assets and processes to improve their current performance and extend their lifetime by planning for new upgrades, iproving asset management and introducing process engingeering programmes.

Several different technologies can be utilised to assess the condition of equipment and prepare a maintenance plan. These include:

  • vibration analysis
  • infrared thermography
  • ultrasonic detection
  • oil analysis
  • shaft & pulley alignment
  • partial discharge monitoring


How do we create value for you?

  • Ensuring operational continuity which is critical for any production facility
  • Reducing leakage in water and wastewater treatment plants
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance to reduce long term costs and boost return on investment in assets
  • Customised level of service through remote and on-site capability
  • Regular reporting

By partnering with Veolia you can significantly reduce equipment related costs leading to earlier realisation of benefits

Water and wastewater plants

Energy utilities

Remote and on-site capability