Turning sludge from wastewater treatment into a resource

The biosolid, or sludge, from wastewater treatment plants is increasingly been seen as a valuable resource rather than just a waste stream to be managed.

How we can help?
Depending on the origin and composition of the organic waste, different treatment options and recovery outlets can be used.

Where your sludge is nutrient rich our specialist team can assist in using it as a natural fertiliser for use on farms. Landspreading of Biosolids and organic fertiliser provides valuable nutrients and organic matter to the soil, reducing the need for chemical fertilisers.

You can rest assured that our landspreading activities meet the highest environmental standards and are fully compliant with all regulations. We have a dedicated landbank of farmland that is pre-approved for landspreading and each farm as its own unique nutrient management plan.

We also carry out vulnerability assessments and constantly test the soil and water to carefully manage the level of organic nutrient.

We can explore other solutions such as Anaerobic Digestion and, if necessary, incineration or landfill.

How do we create value for you?

  • Comprehensive service including transport, storage and managing relationships with farmers
  • 100% traceability and transparency using our bespoke software solution, SUIVRA
  • Transforming a waste stream into a valuable resource

We have strong relationships with the different regulatory bodies to deliver full compliance

Did you know?

Bioresources such as sludge can be a valuable resource

In Ireland, nearly 70% of sludge is treated and spread on land for soil enrichment