Combined Heat and Power

Energy efficiency and sustainability using CHP

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solutions deliver efficient, low carbon heat and electricity that meets the needs of a wide range of industrial and commercial sectors.

Energy costs, supply stability and environmental performance are key factors for success in today’s organisations. Combined Heat & Power, the simultaneous production of electricity and recovery of heat, a by-product of electricity generation, can help meet your energy and utility needs and deliver cost, environmental and corporate responsibility benefits.

Combined Heat & Power is ideal for industrial or commercial applications where there is a balanced local demand for heat and electricity. We can provide a fully outsourced design, build, operate and maintain model with a long-term contract and the provision of financing models.

How do we create value for you?

  • Guaranteed 75%-90% energy efficiency, whereas best-in-class traditional electricity generation guarantees 55-60% efficiency.
  • Significant end user energy savings compared to local heat production and importing electricity from grid
  • Significant environmental benefits - typically achieves 25% input energy savings compared to independent heat / electricity production

CHP asset availability is typically 92-96%