District Heating

Sustainable, low carbon and affordable heating and hot water for communities

How we can help?

Veolia’s district and community heating schemes supply heating and hot water to individual customers via a central Energy Centre that is located on site. Our heating schemes work on a continually circulating hot water system so there’s no need to supply gas to feed individual buildings. With no fuel, no boiler, no odours or noise, it’s a cleaner way of living that significantly reduces carbon emissions and your customer’s impact on the environment.

Our district and community heating team provides:

  • Dedicated local customer service which looks after customer relations management, billing and metering
  • Expert maintenance of the Energy Centre and equipment by skilled engineers and technicians
  • A continuous supply of heating and hot water
  • A customised level of service through remote and on-site capability

Residential Heating Customers

Visit our Residential Heating Customer area to learn more about your heating system and to contact our Customer Support Team.

How do we create value for you?

  • A safer environment for customers as there is no boiler in the apartment or commercial unit
  • A continuous supply of heating and hot water
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • A more attractive development for residents and investors
  • A number of different models on offer to developers/local councils wishing to install District Heating Systems

Our proven track record in delivering reliable, efficient and quality-assured heating schemes that make developments more sustainable


Focus on Innovation

District Heating powered by biomass

District Heating Schemes can be powered by biomass driving energy savings and allowing the scheme to be even more sustainable.

In London, the Veolia-run Hale Village development is powered biomass while in Pecs, the fifth largest city in Hungary, Veolia manages the largest 100% biomass cogeneration heat network in Europe serving 31,000 houses