Drinking Water Treatment

Design, Build, Operate and Maintain drinking water treatment plants

Water is one of the most important natural resources and delivering the highest quality drinking water is critical to Ireland as a whole, both for residents and businesses.

How we can help?
Meeting the most demanding reliability and quality requirements is a constant challenge when treating drinking water and our solutions help you do just that.

We can provide you with tailor made, one-stop solutions for all your drinking water treatment requirements focusing on technology, operational excellence and environmental compliance.

As a world leader in water treatment we can work with your teams to design, build, operate and maintain everything from small decentralised water systems up to large municipal treatment plants. Our innovative technologies and water solutions are as suited for sustainable cities as they are for rural or remote communities.

How do we create value for you?

  • Delivering potable water that is safe and reliable
  • Minimising costs
  • Strict compliance with regulatory standards
  • Access to global experience in dealing with difficult to treat water sources
  • Practical operations and maintenance experience

We provided 32 million m3 of drinking water to local businesses and people in Ireland last year

Global Capabiilty

Access to global water expertise and technology

Our global design, delivery, monitoring and maintenance capabilities facilitate continuous improvement