​Hazardous waste management

Safe, compliant solutions for hazardous waste

Our dedicated, highly qualified hazardous waste experts provide comprehensive hazardous waste management beginning with waste classification and packaging, efficient collection and transport through to innovative waste treatment, recovery and disposal options.

How we can help?
Our team assess, sample and catalogue your hazardous waste to ensure you comply with waste identification legislation. They can then determine the correct recovery, recycling or treatment route.

Our process segregates each item based on potential hazards, physical and chemical properties to ensure it is classified according to the relevant legislation. All materials are then packed prior to removal following the regulatory guidelines that govern the management, disposal and movement of hazardous wastes.

Our operations are strictly controlled and monitored to provide relevant certification and a secure service. As a market leader in Europe, we can offer a wide range of hazardous waste outlets, primarily through our own operations and through longstanding partnerships with facilities in Ireland, UK, Belgium, Germany, Finland and France.


How do we create value for you?

  • Best practice and innovation will improve the efficiency of your processes to reduce costs and save time
  • We can guarantee your compliance
  • We will also generate any regulatory paperwork that you are required to hold to demonstrate that the necessary pre-acceptance and disposal considerations have been completed

Over 60,000 tonnes of hazardous waste managed in Ireland each year

Global Capabiilty

Finding the right treatment or disposal solution

A Europe-wide network of facilities provides access to innovative recovery and disposal options