On-site operations support

Expert water and wastewater engineering support is available for your on-site operations team as you need it
Veolia engineer working onsite

Supplement and support your inhouse water and wastewater operations teams

Guaranteeing the continual, compliant operations of your water or wastewater treatment plants is vital. There are times when you need additional support and our experienced and trained operations and process staff are the right people in the right place.

How can Veolia help?

Our expertise is not just in designing and building plants but also in operating them. We can support you in meeting your day-to-day needs also including:

  • Operating your Water or Wastewater plant for short periods to cover annual leave or sick leave
  • Medium term plant operation to cover maternity or other long term leave 
  • Take over the full operation of your Wastewater treatment facility on your site

In addition, your in-house team can be upskilled by working alongside our operatives and through formal training programmes. 

And, while on your site, we will suggest ways in which you can optimise the way your plant operates

You will benefit from:

  • Access to skilled staff to operate your plant as needed
  • Emergency cover to maintain operations and compliance
  • Save time and money by instant access to the expertise you need
  • Draw on our multi-site experience to drive continuous improvement

"Having access to experience wastewater treatment plant operatives at short notice is vital to keeping our facility fully compliant"