Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

Additional revenue through demand-side energy management

A Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is a demand-side energy management service (also know as a Demand-Side Unit) offered by Veolia.

How we can help?
Virtual Power Plant offers customers the ability to harness additional revenue, by operating spare electrical generating capacity and selling exported electricity to the National Grid. It also facilitates the use of standby generators by The National Grid as required, depending on available capacity.

Many customer sites have standby generators and other generating assets that cost them money to maintain whilst idle. The key benefit of VPP is to enable customers to gain revenue from these assets and support grid resilience, by using them to cover increases in grid demand.

Veolia manages all of the necessary IT, integration, regulatory and engineering aspects of setting up the VPP including: upgrading of site plant, infrastructure and operation and maintenance of the generators. Regulatory and trading support is provided by our own energy market teams.


What do we create value for you?

  • Provides an additional revenue stream
  • Real time interaction and reporting
  • Help maintain standby generation assets

Our Demand-Side team manages 39 MWe on behalf of our customers in Ireland