Diversity and Inclusion

At Veolia, we’re committed to increasing workplace diversity and inclusion because we understand the value this can add to our workforce


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Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace

Employment offers the single biggest opportunity for vulnerable individuals to move out of a cycle of poverty and become active participants in society.  Businesses, such as Veolia, are uniquely placed to impact on employability, help to achieve a fully cohesive society and reduce inequality. 

To help us achieve this, we have developed an Inclusion Strategy to guide us and we’ve partnered with Business in the Community Ireland whose focus is on helping business to bring about a sustainable, low carbon economy and a more inclusive society where everyone thrives.

Business in the Community assess our progress and allow us to compare ourselves to other organisations within the industry.

Inclusive Workplace

Inclusive Workplace Pledge

Veolia Ireland has signed up to Business in the Community Ireland’s new Elevate Pledge to promote inclusion in the workplace.

Business has a key role to play in supporting social inclusion in Ireland and signing up to the Inclusive Workplace Pledge is a valuable opportunity for us to create real, measurable and meaningful impact.

With this Pledge we are continuing the journey by committing to measure and take action on making our workplace more inclusive as part of our wider Inclusion Strategy. 

Sinéad Patton, as co-chair of the Leaders Sub Group on Social Inclusion,  and Donna Marie Masterson played a key role in developing the Elevate Pledge. 

You can learn more about the the Pledge on the Business in the Community Ireland website.




Elevate is BITC Ireland’s new pledge to support businesses which are committed to improving diversity and inclusion in the workplace
Social Inclusion

The Inclusive Employer blueprint

The Inclusive Employer blueprint is a practical guide to create inclusive and diverse workplaces to reduce social inequality in Ireland. It is designed to be a starting point for any employer interested in building an inclusive society starting with their own company. For those companies already applying a social lens to their diversity and inclusion strategy this blueprint will complement existing activities.

Veolia's Sinéad Patton is a member of BITC Ireland’s Leaders’ Group on Sustainability and co-chair of the Social Inclusion sub-group which developed and launched Inclusive Employer Blueprint.

Launch The Inclusive Employer blueprint

Veolia joins BITC and a coalition of Ireland’s leading organisations to launch The Inclusive Employer blueprint

BITC Social Inclusion sub-group

The Inclusive Employer blueprint is a practical guide to create inclusive and diverse workplaces

Schools Programme

Working with local schools

Skills @ Work

The Skill @ Work programme, run with Business in the Community Ireland, provides post primary school students with a unique insight into the world of work in Veolia.

Led by Veolia's HR team, a range of employees volunteer their time to meet with 5th and 6th Year students. Sessions in the Skills @ Work programme involve a site visit, CV writing skills, mock interviews, Day in the Life insights and at the conclusion the class use their creativity to present what they have learned.

Veolia partners with Plunket College in Dublin and Grennan College in Kilkenny.


Time to Count

Time to Count, run by Business in the Community Ireland, is a numeracy support programme for children in 3rd class, which aims to build children’s confidence, enjoyment and conceptual understanding in solving mathematical problems, through fun games and activities.

Veolia employees volunteer their time to work with St Joseph's National School in Fermoy, Co. Cork to help children to further develop their maths skills.