Veolia commits to the new ambitious Low Carbon Pledge

BITC Ireland’s new Low Carbon Pledge asks Irish businesses to commit to science based emissions reduction targets
Veolia commits to the Low Carbon Pledge

We in Veolia are proud to have signed up to the new Business in the Community Ireland Low Carbon Pledge along with 60 other businesses. The #LowCarbonPledge calls on all Irish businesses to set science-based emission reduction targets by 2024. 

We recognise the barriers and complexities in delivering the changes needed. It is with initiatives such as the Low Carbon Pledge that we are going to overcome these barriers, by working collectively to build business capacity and foster innovation.

Setting science-based emission reduction targets by 2024 at the latest, as required by the Low Carbon Pledge, is a fundamental action if we want to build resilient and robust businesses.

What are science based targets?

Science-based targets are greenhouse gas emission reduction targets that are informed by the latest climate science.

In 2015, the world came together under the Paris Climate Agreement and agreed to address climate change and limit global warming to below two degrees from pre-industrial levels. Fast forward a few years, and the goal posts have moved. Our new target is now 1.5 degrees if we want to live in a world as we know it today.

More than ever, business needs to set robust climate reduction targets that are based on these global requirements. Setting ambitious science-based targets is a critical first step  towards playing our part against climate change.

How can this be achieved?

Achieving these targets will not be easy. Companies will have to change the way they produce their products and deliver their services and focus on their entire value chain. 

By signing up to the Low Carbon Pledge we commit to setting a series of ambitious goals that will provide us with a clear path to reduce our carbon emissions across our entire business and supply chain (scope 1,2,3 emissions).

We will also continue to work with our customers to develop solutions that help them to reduce their emissions and reduce their carbon footprint.

Customers -
The contract will deliver €26 million in guaranteed savings and reduce carbon footprint by 118,380 tonnes
Customers -
Veolia helps co-operative water scheme to introduce first initiative of its kind
Thought Leadership -
Practical insights into moving towards a circular economy


We are committed to mapping our performance against the UN Sustainable Development Goals to show our commitment to sustainable development and to publishing our overall sustainability performance in our annual Sustainability Report.

Our latest Sustainability Report, looking at our achievements from 2019, demonstrates that we’re already helping Irish society and business rise to the challenges of the climate emergency