Veolia water engineers in discussion

Water in the 21st Century

Planning for the unknown

The latest edition of Veolia’s Planet magazine looks at how we can preserve our water resources in the face of increasing uncertainty.

Preserving water resources during these uncertain times remains challenging. Water is a complex subject with multiple aspects, something that the various articles, insights and interviews in this issue Planet Magazine attempts to shed light on. 

At a time when the fragility of our planet has never been more evident, Veolia continues to provide solutions that are ever more responsive and modular. Our objective is to meet the new needs of our industrial and municipal clients, all of whom are anxious to avoid disruption to production or services while also saving energy.

Planet 22 April 2021 Cover
Planet 22 - April 2021 (45.85 MB)

Water management in uncertain times

Xavier Leflaive, Principal Administrator, OECD Environment Directorate and Jean-François Nogrette, Chairman, Veolia Water Technologies discuss the challenges and opportunities.

New approaches to delivering sustainable water management

In response to the increasing environmental challenges we face, Veolia has the solutions to guarantee tomorrow's water services.


Antoine Frerot, CEO Veolia, Planet 22
The scale of the environmental emergency means that working for transition is simply not enough; we have to tackle it head-on, radically altering our economic models and behaviours.  
CEO, Veolia
Projects form part of the €5.5bn investment plan to improve water infrastructure
This vital €80 million upgrade project will benefit a population equivalent of 400,000
Veolia helps co-operative water scheme to introduce first initiative of its kind