Energy efficiency for buildings, offices

Offices buildings

Combining well-being and efficiency in office buildings

Building owners and managers are increasingly looking at advanced initiatives to make their portfolio more sustainable and energy efficient.  We can offer practical solutions which enhance tenant satisfaction, occupant comfort and asset value.

Advanced analytics, smart sensors, control systems and automation are rapidly changing the way facility managers approach aspects of building operations like occupant comfort and energy consumption. At the same time there is an increasing focus on sustainable design and operations. We can help building owners and managers to meet these challenges through:

  • Optimising performance of heating and cooling systems
  • Upgrading and retrofitting assets to make them more efficient
  • Implementing targeted, measurable energy efficiency plans
  • ​Helping to change occupant behaviour - a key element of energy efficiency

How do we create value for office buildings

  • Deliver cost savings and energy efficiencies
  • Enhance the value of the building
  • Realtime reporting to keep you up to date
  • Improved overall environmental performance

ISO 50001 accreditation to deliver energy savings