Environmental solutions for the pharmaceutical industry


Meeting the complex energy, waste and water needs of the pharmaceutical, biotech and life science sector in Ireland

To stay competitive, the pharmaceutical industry today needs to work exceptionally hard – to keep production costs low, reduce CO2 emissions and meet the strictest environmental, quality and regulatory targets.

We help pharmaceutical and life sciences companies in Ireland to achieve these goals by putting the right solutions in place. These include:

  • Truly integrated range of energy, utilities, maintenance, calibration, water treatment, hazardous waste disposal and total waste management services
  • Protecting your plant from outages and ensure you receive a guaranteed supply of utilities
  • Optimising utilities and cutting carbon by focussing on the efficiency of all your systems and processes
  • Water and wastewater treatment which meet the highest environmental and regulatory standards
  • Turning waste into a resource through our fully transparent and compliant Integrated Waste Management approach

Co-designed solutions
Through our partnership approach your current and future needs are identified and met, and  deliver real benefits including; guaranteed energy and carbon reduction, risk based maintenance strategies, security of supply, flexible operation to suit market conditions and carbon strategy, sharing the risk and reward, greater accountability and environmental capability support.


21 of the world’s top 25 pharmaceutical companies work with Veolia