Energy management for hospitals and clinics


Improving the patient experience by delivering energy and carbon savings for Irish healthcare

Now more than ever hospitals must strike the right balance between managing costs and efficiencies, while providing a high level of patient care. By focusing on energy efficiency we deliver verified savings for Irish hospitals.

Healthcare facilities are focused on delivering the highest quality of patient care, comfort and safety. We can help to deliver this through:

  • Guaranteeing a reliable supply of essential utilities and services
  • Delivering cost-effective, long-term solutions that deliver energy efficiencies with transparent reporting
  • Continuously improving environmental performance to recover resources and reduce CO2 emissions
  • Highlighting results to enhance reputation with all stakeholder

How do we create value for the Healthcare sector?

  • Cost savings, reliability and environmental performance
  • Best practice drawing on ¬†global experience from 3,700 healthcare clients all over the world
  • Implement smart solutions and innovative services
  • Performance, transparency and traceability in real-time
  • Help with community engagement

Partnering with the Mater Hospital in Dublin to deliver energy efficiency

37% reduction in site energy costs for Stewart Care

2,630 tonnes of CO2 avoided by Aut Even Hospital

UPMC Whitfield the first hospital in the UK and Ireland to achieve ISO 50001 accreditation

Using a 10-year Energy Performance Contract, with verified savings, Veolia has carried out upgrades and improvements to heating, hot water and lighting that will save 2,630 tonnes of CO2 over the course of the contract.
Simon McGowan
CFO, Aut Even Hospital