Implementing sustainable manufacturing practices is key to having a competitive manufacturing sector in Ireland

Manufacturing industry is continually evolving to meet the changing and challenging needs of the market. We help advanced manufacturing in Ireland to continuously develop capabilities and move up the value chain by providing sustainable, innovative environmental solutions.

Manufacturers need flexible solutions to water, waste and energy that can help them respond to market changes in an efficient, cost effect and, above all, compliant way. We can help deliver this through:

  • Delivering a fully transparent and compliant approach to increasing recycling and managing waste, including hazardous or sensitive waste
  • Providing a comprehensive approach to energy management to minimise total cost of ownership
  • Specialist services such as industrial cleaning and plant decommissioning
  • Fully compliant water and wastewater treatment
  • Meeting sustainability goals by reducing carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions

Reuse and recycling of hazardous waste through our European network of outlets

Energy efficiency through utilities maintenance and asset management programmes

Increased productive uptime through planned maintenance programmes