Creating modern, low carbon communities that improve residents’ quality of life and manages resources in a sustainable way

The modern community needs to be sustainable. The increasing scarcity of resources and the uncertainty around energy costs and long term water supply means that all communities need to focus on how they use and reuse resources. We help communities through solutions such as district/community heating and water and wastewater treatment.

Over 2 million people in Ireland benefit from our drinking water installations

Treated 30.3 million m3 of wastewater last year

Provide sustainable heating and hot water to circa 1,000 Irish residents every day

District Heating
District Heating Systems are becoming increasingly popular internationally as a means of helping communities reduce environmental impact, increase energy efficiency and manage costs.

Veolia's district heating solutions are designed to deliver the best energy efficiency for the communities they serve. They can supply centralised heating and cooling and/or electricity. Our systems are often based on Combined Heat and Power (CHP) which captures waste heat from generators to reduce the heating costs and can include wood biomass solutions.

District Heating Systems are typically used in housing developments including apartment blocks but can also be used across wider areas such as business parks, university campuses, hospitals or entire districts.

Residential Heating Customers

Visit our Residential Heating Customer area to learn more about your heating system and to contact our Customer Support Team.


Water and wastewater treatment

Providing a sustainable supply of high quality drinking water and eliminating pollution from wastewater is vital if a community is to continue to develop and provide a high quality of life for residents.

Veolia is the largest water company the world and we bring our global solutions to the benefit of Irish communities every day, whether this for managing private Group Water Schemes or working with Irish Water to improve Ireland’s water infrastructure.