Veolia in Ireland

Veolia is Ireland’s leading environmental services company. We provide a comprehensive range of energy, waste and water solutions and are dedicated to carbon reduction, protecting the environment and building the circular economy.

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Veolia in Ireland works with our customers to carefully manage scarce resources. Through our expertise in operations, engineering and technology we reduce the environmental impact of our customer's activities while helping industrial companies, services organisations and the public sector to operate in a more efficient manner.

Veolia’s 577 employees in Ireland are part of the world’s leading provider of environmental solutions. Together with over 179,000 colleagues around the world we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that are based on best practices, environmental protection and a better quality of life for others.

Veolia has been awarded the Business Working Responsibly Mark certification for responsible and sustainable business practices. The Mark, developed by Business in the Community Ireland and audited by the NSAI is based on ISO 26000.

SEDE Ireland

Created in 1999, SEDE Ireland has specialised in the fertilising of lands with organic and mineral fertilisers. SEDE Ireland is one of the leading company for the biosolids landspreading in Ireland and is a part of the Veolia group.

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25 drinking water production plants serving 161,000 people

72 MW of power production capacity (55MW via CHP)

82% material recovery rate for hazardous waste

Watch our animation on re-imaging the way resources can be preserved, recovered and reused so that we can move to a future where resources are conserved and not wasted